Before you buy a puppy  

 We recommend all puppy buyers to purchase and read the two books by the Monks of New Skete.  "The Art of Raising a Puppy" and "How to be your Dog's Best Friend".  Purchase these books BEFORE getting your puppy, they will be very helpful with the rearing of your new puppy.

Please read our Contract and Guarantee.  You are REQUIRED to take your Urban puppy through an obedience class by 6 months of age.  The preferred age to begin is 4 months.  There is a window with a shepherd pup in which his learning is at peak, after this window closes, his ability to accept new experiences will be greatly diminished - this window starts to close at about 6 months of age!  The window will open back up, but teaching your pup obedience/socialization skills after this age is more difficult.  Socialization of your puppy should begin immediately upon bringing him into your home and should continue through the 4 month age (BEFORE you start obedience class, this will make obedience class less stressful for him).  It is tough to take your puppy places before this age because of the fear of diseases he may come in contact with (as his immune system is not fully developed), but you must be creative and find places to take him.  There are safe homes, homes of people you know and trust, to take him.  Plus - plenty of car rides!!!  Do not make the mistake of not allowing your puppy to explore his environment (new people, other animals and new places) outside his own home - you can end up with a puppy who is fine at home but shy or fearful/ aggressive when taken out in public if you do not socialize your puppy early.  This can be overcome in an older un-socialized pup, but it is difficult and very stressful on the pup (and much more work for you!).   The importance of the obedience training is two fold - you end up with a well behaved puppy AND it builds confidence in the puppy and strengthens the bond between you and your puppy.   Think about how you will arrange the obedience classes in your schedule BEFORE you purchase a puppy from us.  You should already have an obedience trainer picked out BEFORE you bring your puppy home.

We encourage puppy buyers to find an activity they can become involved in with their new puppy.  Agility, Search and Rescue, Obedience, Conformation showing, Flyball and Weight Pulling are just a few.  German Shepherds are active dogs that are highly intelligent.  They need mental stimulation to be in overall good health.  Find something that you enjoy and that your dog is good at and GET INVOLVED

  Shipping in the U.S. for an 8 week old puppy (weighing 10-15 lbs)  is approximately $250  plus $65 for the  Medium sized crate and $85 for the Airline Health Certificate for travel (includes microchip).  An older puppy 35-50 lbs will need to go in a large crate ($100) and the cost of shipping will be approximately $350.  The Airline Health Certificate will be $100 if the puppy is older than 12 weeks (includes Rabies which is required by the airlines if the puppy is older than 12 weeks) and Microchip. (this is approx cost as ttehy do change)

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