•  Our Breeding program consists of White ,Black,Black and Silver and a Tri colored Panda Shepherd. 

Darby is from http://www.surefireshepherds.com/  

SureFire Recon Ranger Silverstar "Darby" Co-owned with SureFire Shepherds ,Sire is Rambo and Dam is Tincel (of Silverstar) and outcross bloodline 

 Below Surefire's Urban Belles Of Ireland 

Below is Bella's Sire is Surefire Obi Wan Kinobi (Owned by Surefire Shepherds)  http://www.surefireshepherds.com/ 

Below is Bella's Dam is Ravelle Regalwise (picture courtesy of Regalwise Shepherds) http://www.regalwise.com/index.html

This is Chelsea , She is from Standhaft Shepherds and is 2 years old. She will be bred too our Male Darby in the near future. She is Black and Silver.

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