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(please read entire contains important information you need to know BEFORE you contact us for a puppy!)


2 year old child. Genuine reason :I've just got a new puppy so no longer have the time for the child. Also worried the child may bite the puppy. Child is crate trained and up to date on all shots. Needs home by tomorrow or it'll be put to sleep. Thanks!

 Would you do this to a child??  I think why do so many people feel it is acceptable to do to a dog?  Owning a dog is a commitment, and it can be up to a 15 year commitment.  If you cannot dedicate at least 15 years to a dog please don't get one. 

 We want people to THINK about why they want a dog.   All puppies are cute, but they all require a lot of work and training.  All cute puppies grow up and if not trained and socialized properly they will not develop into good companions.  Here at Urban German Shepherds we get your puppy off to the right start.  When we place a puppy into your home we guarantee that it's temperament is sound.  From the second you take your puppy home you are in charge of whether or not that temperament will stay sound.  Training for a new puppy begins the minute their eyes open and ends the day they take their last breath!  Remember this and take it into account before you commit to buying a puppy; any puppy! 

At Urban German Shepherds we realize that sometimes due to unforeseen circumstances some families can no longer keep their dog.  In this instance we are here to help.  We NEVER want any of your dogs going into a shelter!  Nor do we want them just given away unless we approve of the home.  We will always take back any dog that we sell or help the owners find a new home. 

Here are some other things to take into consideration before buying a puppy:

*Our dogs are house dogs and we require our puppies live indoors as family pets (keeping the dog in a garage, kennel run or barn does not count). 

*If you work full time please don't contact us for a puppy unless you have a PLAN as to what you will do with your pup during the day.  Young pups cannot stay home all alone during a work day.   Please don't tell us that your past dogs did this and were fine.  We DO NOT think it is fine and will not sell a puppy into a home that is going to leave it unattended or locked in a room or crate for the day.  This is cruel!  Dogs are social animals and require human contact.  Your puppy will not develop well if left alone for extended periods of time.  Look into a doggie day care program or hire a private sitter to come into your home and have that in place BEFORE you call us!  Yes we know this adds an expense to having the dog but if you are unwilling to do this then DON'T buy a dog or any animal that requires human contact for that matter. 

*We breed sound temperaments that are suitable for families. While our dogs will be protective they are rarely suited for guard dog work.

*We do not have "pet quality" prices vs. "show quality" prices.  All of our puppies receive the same amount of care and attention from birth;  therefore they are all the same price.  Our puppies typically range from $800.00-$1500.00 and this pricing depends on how much it costs us for the breeding and rearing of the litter.  Older puppies are not discounted since we have taken the time to crate train and housebreak the puppy!  It is also important to point out that all of our puppies go into their homes on spay/neuter contracts.  If you are price shopping for a puppy, sorry but we most likely cannot help you. 

*We rarely, if ever sell a dog outright with breeding rights and only have done so when we know someone extremely well.  If we do choose to sell one of our puppies with breeding rights, then we will charge more for that puppy.  All breeding prospects will go out the door on a limited registration and that will NOT be lifted until all health tests are completed prior to breeding.  At the moment this is the list of health clearances we require: OFA hips, elbow,and Patella clearance. DM testing. OFA heart and CERF (Eyes).  Sometimes others will be added.                        

*If you rent please understand that you  must provide us with a copy of your lease showing that you are allowed to have a dog, specifically a German Shepherd. Also we MUST speak to your landlord!

*If you call because you want to surprise a loved one with a dog...think again!  No puppy will be sold without everyone in the family knowing about the dog! 

*Please understand that we deal with you honestly and we expect to be dealt with honestly...both parties should be 100% comfortable with each other before any sale takes place.  Feel free to pick our brains because we will be picking yours!

*LEARN about the German Shepherd Dog!  This is not the breed for everyone!  While noble and stunning it often proves to be too much dog for the first time owner.  Ask us questions. Go to some shows and hang out with the breed.  Talk to trainers who work with them!

While some of what we say here may seem harsh please understand that it is for your benefit!  If what was said here made you think about why you want a dog then it was well worth it.    There are just too many unwanted animals in shelters because of people who impulse buy without thinking things through.  If you love the purebred dog, please choose wisely and be sure you are ready for a puppy.  If after reading this, you feel you are not ready for a puppy yet, then talk to us.  If we see you are learning about the breed and preparing for your new puppy, we will happily work with you when you are in a better position to make the commitment for an Urban puppy.

Thank you for taking the time to read through this page!


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