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We are Justin and Lori . We have 4 children ages 13,16,18 and 19. Our Love of Shepherds started with a sweet little lonely puppy all by her self in the pet store. We learned a big lesson about buying a dog and she ended up passing away at 5 years old due too a major heart defect. It was hereditary and could have been prevented. We take breeding very seriously and don't want anyone too suffer the heart break we did as they told us the day she turned 3 months old that she only had months too live, She beat their odds and gave us 5 amazing years ! Health testing our dogs is a must ! We want our dogs to be fabulous family members and be able too have long healthy and happy lives. We encourage anyone who has a GSD puppy to get the pup into some sort of work , as they are working dogs and have an extreme amount of energy ! We highly reccomend K9 SAR training, you and your dog will have a bond like no other and could possibly save lives, or at least bring closure too a family who needs it . We are proud of our AKC and UKC  purebred German Shepherds . Contact us for help with Training,Or if you are looking for a Great new addition. We sometimes have puppies and also do rescues.  We love GSD's ! We have White Shepherds and Standard colred GSD's, also a solid black female in our breeding program.

All of our puppies are born on live webcam, you can view anytime  @ www.ustream.com / USER NAME:URBANSHEPHERDS (in caps) and below is a link directly too our web cam. When we have puppies it will be on 24/7. ENJOY

Phone:9715703620 Lori or 9715703628 Justin 
Email:urbangermanshepherds@gmail.com                                                                            Find us on Facebook  "Urban German Shepherds"

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